• Lung regeneration

    A shortcut to reliable repair and growth of airway cells


    Leading respiratory scientist Professor Sam Janes developed a rapid method to identify the needles in a haystack of drugs that stimulate growth of airway stem cells.

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  • Michael Rutgers announces departure from Lung Foundation Netherlands (Longfonds Nederland)


    Michael Rutgers (65) will step down after the summer to make way for a successor. This was announced by the director of Lung Foundation Netherlands today.

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  • Lung regeneration

    'We are working together towards one goal: to eliminate COPD'


    Jos Pielage and Pieter van Eck consider their volunteering for the Patient Advisory Committee of the Longfonds research on lung tissue repair especially important. Especially for people with lung disease.

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  • Asthma prevention

    Vici grant for the prevention of severe respiratory infections


    Hermelijn Smits, professor of Immunomodulation through Host-Commensal Interactions, receives a Vici grant of 1.5 million euros. With this grant, she wants to use substances produced in the intestines to strengthen the immune system.

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