• Asthma prevention

    Preventing asthma attacks with the unexpected help of worms


    It may sound strange, but a protein from a parasitic worm can significantly reduce the risk of an asthma attack. Scientists in Australia have demonstrated this in mouse models.

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  • Lung regeneration

    Three-dimensional laboratory lung provides new insights into lung disease


    Making damaged lungs healthy again: it is the big dream of over 250 million people worldwide suffering from the fatal lung disease COPD.

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  • Introducing Károly Illy


    As of October 1st Károly Illy has taken over the leadership of Michael Rutgers as director of Lung Foundation Netherlands (Longfonds). Illy strongly believes that prevention is always better than cure. He is eager to represent the interests of people with chronic lung disease.

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  • Lung regeneration

    Breakthroughs in COPD research


    To one day cure COPD, a group of top scientists in Europe and the United States have been working together for five years. They have already produced some great results.

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