• Asthma prevention

    Meet the Scientist: Hammad & Lambrecht


    Meet the scientists who, within the Consortium on Asthma Prevention, focus on farm dust-induced protection against viral infections of the respiratory tract. > Read more

  • Asthma prevention

    Donation for Asthma Prevention


    During the Dutch Lung Week (April 2019) the board of Salem Foundation presented a symbolic cheque for € 27,000 to Michael Rutgers and dr. Hermelijn Smits (Asthma Prevention Consortium).

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  • Lung regeneration

    Insight: Stem cells


    Stem cells, with their brilliant ability to repair and rejuvenate tissue, have given regenerative medicine a powerful boost.

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  • Asthma prevention

    Meet the Scientists: Maizels & McSorley


    Meet the scientists who have identified a molecule that, on its own, has the capacity to suppres asthma in lab models. Learn more about the innovative research done by Rick Maizels and Henry McSorley.

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