Accelerating a medical breakthrough for 500 million lung patients

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Back to nature: how farm milk prevents asthma

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Stem cells have the brilliant ability to repair what’s lost

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Accelerate groundbreaking research

We all hope and dream to live long, healthy lives. But severe chronic lung diseases such as COPD and asthma threaten this dream for 500 million people. Already, COPD is the third cause of death worldwide. One day, researchers will find cures and preventive treatments. Crucial solutions that can and will become available much sooner when we join forces internationally. LONGFONDS | Accelerate has made this possible. Join us today.


  • Lung regeneration

    'If we can turn on alveoli repair during lung attacks, we can save a lot of suffering'


    In COPD, damaged alveoli no longer get repaired or renewed. Prof.dr. Reinoud Gosens (University of Groningen) is looking for ways to reactivate this process.

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  • Lung regeneration

    New tools like PCLS accelerate the search for COPD solutions


    Mini-organs grown in a dish help to understand how lung tissue repairs itself.

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Research projects

LONGFONDS | Accelerate focuses on asthma prevention and lung regeneration. Find out more about the groundbreaking research and the great promise.


Chronic lung disease causes 10.000 deaths each day


500 million people suffer from chronic lung disease


2.800 children hospitalized with breathing difficulties each year

in the Netherlands