About us

You may not have realized that chronic lung diseases are among the deadliest diseases worldwide. With the rapidly increasing numbers, there is an urgent need for solutions. We need to decisively speed up the process that will lead towards these solutions. On the initiative of Lung Foundation Netherlands (Longfonds), top scientists, academic pioneers, doctors, health organizations and other societal partners from around the globe have joined forces in two effective consortiums. Under the direction of Longfonds, the single focus is on accelerating medical breakthroughs for asthma and COPD.

International effort

Never before has an independent health organization brought about such a focused international joining of forces. In LONGFONDS | Accelerate groundbreaking research and clinical translation is optimally integrated to drive forward research results and concrete solutions for patients. Translational experts work side by side with the research teams and patient representatives.
The consortium teams up with entrepreneurs in the newly founded start-up generator LungHealth, initiated and empowered by Lung Foundation Netherlands. This ensures that we can bring the most impact to lung patients and society at large.

LONGFONDS | Accelerate in short

  • Focus on finding a cure for COPD and a preventive treatment for asthma
  • Aim: accelerate a breakthrough and bring patient solutions to the market
  • Two international scientific task forces, brought together and directed by an independent health organization and patients’ association
  • Multidisciplinary research, clinical translation and valorization, designed to become one integrated process
  • Patient representatives involved at all levels

Lung Foundation Netherlands

Lung Foundation Netherlands (Longfonds) is the leading not-for-profit lung health organization and patients’ association in the Netherlands. We are the biggest private financier of lung research in Europe and have been funding major scientific research designed to generate vital knowledge about chronic lung diseases for over six decades.
Longfonds campaigns to improve the quality of care and supports patients. As part of the organization’s effort to improve lung health, Longfonds actively advocates policies that promote clean air. Headquarters is based in Amersfoort (Amsterdam region). The foundation has 80 employees and 4.500 volunteers nationwide.