About us

LONGFONDS | Accelerate is an international research program in which renowned scientists, academic pioneers, doctors, lung patients and social partners work closely together under the direction of Lung Foundation Netherlands with one goal in mind: speeding up a medical breakthrough.

Two international consortia made up of top institutions from Europe, the United States and Australia were set up under the direction of Lung Foundation Netherlands. Never before has an independent health organization brought about such an international joining of forces. Within the Lung Regeneration Consortium, experts are looking for ways to repair damaged lung tissue. The experts within the Asthma Prevention Consortium are trying to track down a treatment that can be used to prevent childhood asthma.

Unique approach

The international program reflects a new approach:

  • We are initiating and directing the joining of international forces
  • We focus on sharing knowledge between top academic institutions
  • In this way, we will be able to significantly speed up a medical breakthrough
  • We won’t stop until we have achieved results
  • The promise: to find solutions for asthma and COPD within a period of seven years

Lung Foundation Netherlands

Lung Foundation Netherlands (Longfonds) has promoted and financed major scientific research designed to generate vital knowledge about chronic pulmonary diseases for decades. In order to speed up a medical breakthrough in lung research, we initiated the LONGFONDS | Accelerate program.  In addition, Lung Foundation Netherlands is committed to improving treatment for lung disease, providing information and requesting public and political attention for themes such as healthy air.