Private Partners

Incredibly generous people help Lung Foundation Netherlands fund vital research performed in the international LONGFONDS | Accelerate program. Philanthropy that is hands-on, proactive and transformational. Each gift is an example of the impact we can make together.

Accelerate visionaries we call them. Like us, they believe in the need for a new and different approach. An approach that is crucial to accelerate a crucial medical breakthrough that will impact society as a whole.

Here is the story of one of our visionaries and the lasting legacy he leaves behind

In April 2019, Mr. Chris Bakker, Dutch entrepreneur and philanthropist, donated a very generous notarized gift to Lung Foundation Netherlands. This unique donation involved the transfer of eleven of his business premises in the Netherlands. The properties were sold by Longfonds. The proceeds of 1.8 million euros were earmarked for the ground breaking scientific research performed within the Accelerate Consortium on Lung Regeneration.

Mr. Bakker was diagnosed with COPD at the early age of 58. From personal experience, he knows the huge impact COPD has on the lives of patients. For him, the Lung Foundation’s distinct approach to accelerate a breakthrough for COPD was the decisive consideration.

"The fact that Longfonds has brought together international experts in the field of stem cells and lung regeneration is a truly unique opportunity to make decisive progress. We need courage and conviction to pursue tough and worthy goals, and I am glad I am in a position to be part of this much needed medical breakthrough.” Christiaan J. Bakker

We are greatly indebted to Mr. Bakker for making this huge contribution. The substantial financial support is a crucial boost for the groundbreaking research done within the Consortium.