• Asthma prevention

    How tricks from nature inspire asthma research


    Erika von Mutius is one of the key players in AWWA, the international collaboration united in the mission to prevent asthma in children since 2017.

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  • Bas Holverda takes over from Dorothee Laan


    As of February, 2024, Bas Holverda has succeeded Dorothee Laan as Research and Innovation Manager at Accelerate. He will now be the point of contact for international research involving Longfonds.

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  • Lung regeneration

    Research on lung tissue repair extended by two years


    Longfonds will continue to support the research on lung tissue repair by two years. This will enable BREATH scientists to further advance the promising research from the initial period.

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  • Longfonds joins the Global Allergy & Airways Patient Platform (GAAPP)


    Longfonds has recently joined the Global Allergy & Airways Patient Platform (GAAPP). To improve the lives of people with respiratory conditions, GAAPP collaborates with health and governmental organizations, such as the WHO.


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