Publication on lung stem cells by top scientist of Accelerate

Marko Nikolić, a top scientist of LONGFONDS | Accelerate, is one of the guest editors of the ERS Monograph publication Lung Stem Cells in Development, Health and Disease. Nikolić and Brigid Hogan, the second guest editor, are both leaders in the field of lung stem cells.

About lung stem cells

The ERS Monograph is part of a prestigious book series published by the European Respiratory Society. The current book focusses on lung stem cells: where they are found, how they function,  how they may be harnessed for therapeutic purposes and how lung tissue can be generated in the laboratory from lung stem cells. This state-of-the-art publication therefore covers one of the most exciting areas of respiratory science.

Lung stem cells play an important role in the Lung Regeneration research programme of Lung Foundation Netherlands (Longfonds). Led by prof.dr. Hans Clevers, an international consortium of  renowned scientists is aiming to grow mini-alveoli from lung stem cells.

Online access

For online access to the book, visit (access is free for European Respiratory Society members) or order a print copy from