New role prof.dr. Hans Clevers

 Clevers will remain active as an advisor for LONGFONDS | Accelerate

Prof.dr. Hans Clevers, one of the two figureheads within the international Longfonds research programme into lung tissue repair, will become the head of Pharma Research and Early Development at Roche as of 18 March. In addition to his new role at Roche, Clevers will remain affiliated with his research group at the Hubrecht Institute Utrecht. His research group will remain under his supervision and will therefore be able to continue to contribute to the highly promising research within LONGFONDS | Accelerate, including lung organoids (mini-lung).

Prof.dr. Carla Kim – co-leader of the Longfonds research programme from Harvard Medical School/Boston Children's Hospital since 2018 – will take over Clevers’ day-to-day work within the current programme. Clevers: “Thanks to the close collaboration and knowledge sharing in our international research programme, we can continue the development of lung organoids without delay. I will remain closely involved in this process.”