"Natural ingredients help prevent allergies and asthma"

In recent decades, the number of children suffering from asthma and allergies has strongly increased. It is what drives the international scientists in  the Asthma Prevention Consortium  in their endeavour to find a protective treatment based on natural ingredients. Prof.dr. Erika von Mutius, Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München, is among those top scientists. She studies the effects of specific ingredients in unprocessed cow's milk and farm dust. Eearly September 2022, she presented promising results at an allergy experts' meeting in Scotland. The British newspaper The Guardian also dedicated an article to this.  

A breakthrough will benefit children worldwide

Michael Rutgers, director of Longfonds: 'We are happy that the Consortium’s research gains so much attention. It reflects the significance of this research. A breakthrough for asthma will benefit children worldwide, and we are well on the way to get there. The more media attention we get for this study, the better. We need support to keep this important research going till a treatment is available.'

The impact of micro-organisms  

The research shows that children growing up on family-run farms suffer significantly less from asthma and allergies compared to children who grow up in urban areas. . The diversity of micro-organisms farm children are are exposed to,  have a positive impact on the developing immune system and its  defense mechanisms.

Von Mutius and the other scientists of the Consortium are currently unravelling how this works. Von Mutius: 'We want to develop a treatment that can prevent asthma and allergies in the future. The results are encouraging.'