Meeting Lung regeneration Consortium

Early January, Longfonds and the Lung regeneration Consortium (BREATH) met in person for the first time since the Covid pandemic. The meeting was organized at- and hosted by- prof.dr. Ed Morrissey and his lab at the University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, USA.

The two-day meeting was kicked off by patients. Their stories, perspectives and wishes made a big impression on the group and helped to remember the initial purpose of the consortium.

Main aim of the meeting was to update each other on the status and progression of the project and discuss future steps. Presentations by the different labs were followed by in-depth discussions. Considering future plans, we reached out to partner organizations – such as the COPD Foundation – and invited them to our meeting. It was great to having them in the discussions and learning from their activities and plans. The meeting was closed by the impression of the Scientific Advisory Board on the progress: β€œthe discovery science is of top quality, and the translation to solutions for patients is great. Make sure to stay focused on the latter.”

In the coming period, we will discuss the future plans with our partners and convert this into new program for 2024 and further. We hope we can take the next step towards lung regeneration in COPD together.