Meet the Scientist: von Mutius

World Asthma Day serves as key time to stand with the 600,000 asthma patients in the Netherlands, and with 235 million people affected by this chronic condition worldwide. For us at Longfonds, this is a day to emphasize the urgency of finding solutions. And a day to highlight the promising new research done in the international Asthma Prevention Consortium. 

Asthma is the biggest chronic childhood disease in the Netherlands. Each day, almost 90 Dutch children are diagnosed with the disease. Their lungs are chronically inflamed. In the Netherlands alone, each year 4,000 children are hospitalized because of asthma. With the promising research done within the Asthma Prevention Consortium, we aim to find a preventive treatment based on minimally processed farm milk. Meet the scientists working on what might well become a major breakthrough.