LungHealth launches first start-up in 2021

Exciting news from LungHealth in 2021. LungHealth launched its first start-up this year, FAIR Therapeutics. FAIR Therapeutics is using organoids, “mini-organs”, derived from patients to better match patients with medicines. With this personalized approach, FAIR’s goal is to make new medicines more accessible and affordable for patients.

About LungHealth

LungHealth's mission is to apply new discoveries in the field of lung diseases to the patient faster. It achieves this by working with lung researchers to identify the most promising scientific projects for funding and spinning them out as new businesses. LungHealth thus creates the previously missing link between universities on the one hand and investors and the business community on the other. In concrete terms, one start-up has been founded this year with two Utrecht professors, and the process has been set in motion for three more spin-outs in the coming year.

LungHealth in 2022

2021 was all about connecting more than 200 scientists, entrepreneurs and investors and selecting the best opportunities. 2022 will be marked by the launch of the LungHealth investment fund. This fund, focused on chronic lung diseases, is unique in Europe and will invest in new spin-outs as well as existing start-ups to help get their medicines and treatments to the clinic and patients sooner.