Longfonds joins the Global Allergy & Airways Patient Platform (GAAPP)

Longfonds has recently joined the Global Allergy & Airways Patient Platform (GAAPP). GAAPP is dedicated to providing international support, empowerment, and advocacy for individuals with allergic, respiratory, and atopic conditions.

Giving patients a voice

Patient participation is deeply ingrained in the Longfonds' approach. Among others, patients are involved in the international LONGFONDS| ACCELERATE research program. United in Patient Advisory Committees, they provide advice to Longfonds and research teams in both the international Asthma Prevention Program and Lung Regeneration Consortium. Their involvement ensures that the perspective of patients is considered. 

The member organizations of GAAPP aim to give a voice to people with respiratory conditions or allergies in decision-making processes. This is a goal that Longfonds also works tirelessly for every day. 

Expanding the network

By joining GAAPP, Longfonds expands its network. To improve the lives of patients, GAAPP collaborates with health and governmental organizations, such as the WHO and the UN. GAAPP advocates for global standards to enhance air quality. 

Furthermore, GAAPP connects patient organizations worldwide, facilitating mutual learning.