€100,000 raised for Martha milk study

A Dutch vocal group raised €100,000 for the promising study with which Consortium on Asthma Prevention aims to prove that a special milk powder can protect children from developing asthma. 

Tonight, OG3NE won the spectacular Dance Dance Dance final with flying colours and donated the substantial prize money (powered by the VriendenLoterij) to their chosen goal, the Lung Foundation Netherlands (Longfonds). As former winners of the Voice of Holland 2014 edition and participants of Eurovision 2017, the three OG3NE sisters were already famous for their charisma and harmonious vocals. Now an even wider audience has embraced them for their impressive dancing skills and dedication to do good for asthma research. 

Personal experience

The group decided to dance for asthma research having personally experienced the effects of asthma on day to day life. Amy, one of the three, suffers from this currently incurable lung disease. 
Before the Dance Dance Dance TV show started, OG3NE visited Asthma Consortium leader Hermelijn Smits at Leiden University Medical Centre. They were especially taken by the Martha milk study, a project of the Asthma prevention consortium, and decided that this was the research they wanted to dance for. The Martha milk study is a unique and extensive trial which aims to accelerate a medical breakthrough: a milk powder that protects children from asthma. 

Thank you Lisa, Amy and Shelley

Longfonds is truly grateful for the support of OG3NE, not only because their substantial donation helps to drive forward a medical breakthrough, but also because their support has increased awareness of asthma, todays biggest chronic childhood disease.