Dancing for the mini-lung during the 'Vriendenloterij Dansmarathon'

Almost 600.000 Dutch people have irreparably damaged lungs (due to COPD). They have a tight breath, often suffocating. COPD is even the number three cause of death worldwide. The Lung Foundation Netherlands (Longfonds) will do everything to make lung tissue recovery possible in the long run. The realisation of the mini-lung within Longfonds | Accelerate consortium plays a vital role.

The Friends Lottery helps Longfonds

Funding of the promising transatlantic mini-lung research is crucial. Therefore, Longfonds has launched a national fundraising campaign this autumn, supported by the Dutch Friends Lottery (VriendenLoterij). Not only by selling lottery tickets but also with 50 hours of non-stop TV: the 'VriendenLoterij Dansmarathon', seeking attention for compassion and urgency.

Dancing for Longfonds

The Vriendenloterij Dansmarathon is a unique dance spectacle that can be seen live on Dutch television on the SBS6 channel from 14 to 16 October. One hundred dance couples ask for attention for people with lung damage, the significant consequences on their lives, and the importance of the development of the mini-lung. In the run-up to the Dansmarathon, the Dutch media devotes ample attention to damaged lungs. We are happy to share with you the interview of the Longfonds consortium leader Prof.dr. Clevers in which he talks about the development of the mini-lung.

Unfortunately only available in Dutch