COPD, one of the leading causes of death worldwide

Today is World COPD Day. The global focus on this fatal lung disease is not without reason. COPD is a major cause of illness, with an estimated 250 to 300 million cases worldwide. It is the third leading cause of death globally.  Yet little attention is paid to COPD. In 2019, Longfonds initiated the international Lung Regeneration Consortium, joining the forces of top scientists in the field, with one aim only: to find a way to repair damaged lung tissue so that COPD can be cured. One of the promising parts of the programme is the mini-lung.  

A global effort  

Longfonds shares its mission with lung health organisations worldwide. By working closely together, sharing knowledge, advocating and raising awareness, we make a difference. Therefore, on this global COPD Awareness Day, we thank the European Lung Foundation, the European Federation of Allergy and Airway diseases, Asthma + Lung UK, the American Lung Association, and the COPD Foundation and many others. Together we stand strong.