Another scientific breakthrough in the Clevers research group

Hans Clevers and his team can boast yet another exciting breakthrough. Clevers has already developed mini-organs (organoids) of intestines, liver, kidneys and human brains and now he has also succeeded in creating organoids of the venom glands of snakes. Proof yet again of the cutting edge research performed by our Accelerate researchers. The results of his groundbreaking research were published in the scientific journal Cell on the 23rd of  January.

The renowned Hans Clevers was the first to grow organoids from stem cells and to make use of their potential for regenerative medicine. The invention of the organoids was a crucial breakthrough in scientific research. These three-dimensional lab models look exactly like a real organ in terms of structure and physiology. And this offers unprecedented opportunities for targeted scientific research.

Lung-organoids to find the solution for COPD

Hans Clevers and his team joined forces with the Lung Foundation Netherlands in LONGFONDS | Accelerate to take up the challenge to develop an organoid of one of the most complex organs: the lungs. Unlike other organs, the damaged lungs in COPD are no longer capable of repairing or renewing damaged tissue. Consortium researchers have already been able to create a mini trachea and are now aiming at creating an organoid of alveoli. This will make it easier to test medicines and methods for reestablishing the repair process. Organoids will play a crucial role in accelerating the research and in developing the much needed solution for COPD.

Prof. Dr. Hans Clevers (Hubrecht Institute) is the leader of the LONGFONDS | Accelerate Lung Regeneration Consortium together with Prof. Dr. Carla Kim (Harvard Medical School / Boston Children’s Hospital).