Research on Lung Damage Repair

BREATH researchers have made great strides. PhD Antonella Dost, one of our stem cell researchers at the Hubrecht Institute in Utrecht, is working on promising ways to better understand and manipulate lung regeneration. To find out more, Longfonds research manager Dorothee Laan went to the Hubrecht Lab. Watch their conversation below:

A scratch on your arm, a graze or a bruise: the skin is usually repaired within a few days. But unlike other organs, the damaged lungs in COPD are no longer capable of repairing or renewing damaged tissue. Making COPD currently an incurable disease. It is already the number three cause of death worldwide. This is why the Lung Foundation Netherlands (Longfonds) has brought the best scientists in regenerative medicine from the US and Europe together in the Lung Regeneration Consortium.