• Hans Clevers wins important international award


    Hans Clevers receives the prestigious Pezcoller Foundation-AACR International Award for his Extraordinary Achievement in Cancer Research in the field of mini-organs.

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  • Accelerate

    Joint effort Lung Foundation Netherlands & NIH


    Our LONGFONDS | Accelerate consortium on lung regeneration (BREATH) and the US National Institutes of Health are making a joint effort to advance the progress of lung regeneration.

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  • Asthma prevention

    Promising discovery in Melbourne by Accelerate researcher Ben Marsland


    The Australian research team has stumbled on a discovery that could prevent and treat severe asthma. The Monash University team says two molecules

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  • No. 1 position for Michael Rutgers in philanthropy and social investment ranking


    It was announced that philanthropy magazine De Dikke Blauwe has voted Michael Rutgers as 'the most influential player in Dutch philanthropy'.

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