An overview of LONGFONDS | Accelerate in the media. 

Süddeutsche Zeitung

This December an article appeared in the Süddeutsche Zeitung (German) on the clinical study of the preventive effects of minimally processed farm milk (MARTHA-study) which is led by prof.dr. Erika von Mutius within the Asthma Prevention consortium

Elsevier Terzake (december 2018)

Interview with prof.dr. Hans Clevers in Elsevier (dutch) about bringing the solution for COPD closer by. 

Elsevier article solutions for COPD


An interview with dr. Hermelijn Smits in Trouw (dutch) on the connection between our hygiene and asthma and allergies.

Trouw article Hermelijn Smits


An interview with prof.dr. Hans Clevers in de Volkskrant (dutch), at the launch of the BREATH Consortium on Lung Regeneration.

Volkskrant article on BREATH

Elsevier Terzake (june 2018)

Interview dr. Hermelijn Smits on A World Without Asthma and Michael Rutgers on LONGFONDS | Accelerate (in Dutch).

Publication in Elsevier Terzake


NOS - News Bulletin (december 2017)

With a press release on Wednesday 13th of December, the  Lung Foundation Netherlands announced the Accelerate programme. The news was spread through various channels, among which the largest news organization of the Netherlands - the NOS. See the NOS-item.

The launch was also covered in other media, e.g.

BNR newsradio 

De Dikke Blauwe

The National (Scottish Newspaper)