An overview of LONGFONDS | Accelerate in the media. 

Website ING Private Banking (June 2019)

A unique glimpse of what happens behind the scenes
Report of a visit to the Hubrecht Institute
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Telegraaf - Supplement (May 2019)

Bestrijden longziekten vereist internationale samenwerking
Interview with Hermelijn Smits and Michael Rutgers in a supplement distributed with the Dutch national newspaper De Telegraaf.
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Süddeutsche Zeitung (December 2018)

Kann Milch vor Allergien schützen?
Article in the Süddeutsche Zeitung on the clinical milk study, focussing on the preventive effects of farm milk.
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Elsevier Terzake (December 2018)

Doorbraak in de maak
Interview with Hans Clevers and Michael Rutgers published in Dutch weekly magazine Elsevier. 
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Elsevier article solutions for COPD

Trouw (September 2018)

Lekker vies is gezond
Interview with Hermelijn Smits in Dutch national newspaper Trouw on hygiene, asthma and allergies.
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Trouw article Hermelijn Smits

Volkskrant (September 2018)

Geef stamcellen een epo-boost
Interview with Hans Clevers in Dutch national newspaper de Volkskrant.
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Volkskrant article on BREATH

Elsevier Terzake (June 2018)

Er hangt iets interessants in de lucht
Interview with Hermelijn Smits and Michael Rutgers published in Dutch weekly magazine Elsevier.
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Publication in Elsevier Terzake

NOS - News Bulletin (December 2017)

With a press release on Wednesday 13th of December, the Lung Foundation Netherlands announced the Accelerate programme. The news was spread through various channels, among which the largest news organization of the Netherlands - the NOS. Watch the NOS-item here (in Dutch)

The launch was also covered in other media, e.g. BNR newsradioDe Dikke Blauwe and The National (Scottish newspaper)