About us

Lung Foundation Netherlands initiated the activities for LONGFONDS | Accelerate in 2017. The international Accelerate programme reflects the new approach adopted by Lung Foundation Netherlands. We bring task forces together and coordinate their activities. Our mission is to make a significant breakthrough in finding a solution for more than 1.2 million Dutch people who suffer from a lung disease such as asthma and COPD.

Lung Foundation Netherlands has promoted and financed major scientific research designed to generate vital knowledge about chronic pulmonary diseases for decades. In addition, Lung Foundation Netherlands is committed to improving treatment, providing information and requesting public and political attention for themes such as healthy air.

Why the partners collaborate

Our mission is to magnify the impact of scientific research. As partners within Accelerate, we are committed to this mission. Excellent research by knowledge institutes generates significantly meaningful results that can have a huge impact on patients and society. We want to develop these research results into solutions for patients. The partners within the consortia collaborate with the aim of creating those solutions.

Organisation behind LONGFONDS | Accelerate

The Accelerate programme is managed by a part-time programme manager and research innovation manager employed by Lung Foundation Netherlands. Representatives of the patient advisory board of Lung Foundation Netherlands are kept informed of progress. A special translational and knowledge valorisation committee ensures practical application of the basic research results. The Accelerate programme regularly brings together consortium partners, social partners, the scientific council and patients in plenary meetings that focus on knowledge exchange. The Lung Foundation Netherlands takes on the role of organiser/coordinator and chairman in these meetings