• Lung regeneration

    Soon to be launched: Consortium on Lung Regeneration


    We are excited to announce the pending launch of the Lung Regeneration Consortium, a promising collaboration of American and European research institutes. > Read more

  • Asthma prevention

    First annual meeting Consortium on Asthma Prevention


    On April 25th, the international Consortium on Asthma Prevention had its first annual meeting.

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  • Asthma prevention

    Launch Asthma Prevention Consortium


    We are excited to announce that starting today, the international Asthma Prevention Consortium is fully functional. 

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  • Accelerate

    The Launch of LONGFONDS | Accelerate


    With a press release, the  Lung Foundation Netherlands announced the Accelerate programme. The news was spread through various channels, among which the largest news organization of the Netherlands - the NOS. 

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